Explaining how Gòste Tod’à' was born is not necessary and it is both too personal and mystical to be shared.  On the other hand I must speak about my travel companion, artist Stefano Tonelli and how we started this wonderful adventure together.  On September 112013 two angels started whispering the verses of our poem that we are still composing together, maybe using octaves as taught by Aldo Bellagotti. Modesty and Love like engines have contaminated us and Stefano was able to realize, I still don't know how, a hymn to grace and beauty by sharing them with everyone who can read and listento art.  I don't know what part I should play if not that one belonging to the lover of taste, but I'm sure I have a place in Stefano's heart. Perhaps I'll be one of the characters of this new fairy tale, Bolgheri, which he calls the new Camelot.  All this is not important because everything was created with a purpose, without a goal to be reached but only by picking the signs that only hope and not belief has allowed us to listen.  Gòste Tod’à' will always be in our hearts and in the dreams of two eternal life lovers.

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