I arrived in Bolgheri after 40 years of circumnavigation of the world of art.
I got there maybe just because an angel took me by the hand, and perhaps because I was bored of the "system",
while still feeling drunk with love and art, the magic of creativity, the mystery of a sign that goes beyond its creator.
I decided here to sing the "song" that I had yet to sing, to free my head from the dry branches of thought and let my heart whirling dervish dance of self-giving.
The meeting with the humanity of Godfrey gave birth in a few days, as in the best fairy tales, Goste Tod'à.
You who read see, even under the feet, the signs that give it its name.
Art is all around, and takes the form becomes visible to our eyes to tell us the magnitude of an invisible world that embraces us, and often passes as the wind takes us up to be treading just to dispense wonder and beauty, poetry and love, secrets and truth.
Now I entrust to Godfrey and his guests all of this "seeing" and if anyone wants to continue his "journey" will find me near here, in "Art Bolgheri, Microcantiere of ideas" in the square at number 6.

Stefano Tonelli