Taverna del Pittore is not just a restaurant. It is a meeting point where the tradition of the Tuscan cooking blends with Bolgheri: the home of Sassicaia and the pilgrimage mecca of the most sophisticated wine lovers.  The cypress tree road, praised by our Nobel prize-winner Giosue' Carducci in the poem "In front of San Guido" is a UNESCO heritage site. Its 5-km long immeasurable beauty leads us to the characteristic borgo where, in the little piazza overlooking the Etruscan coast is La Taverna del Pittore Adamo Luperi. Adamo, a painter and gamekeeper of the Counts of La Gherardesca, together with his family and wife and today's Nonna Lina decided to open the doors of his house and to offer food to travellers. Today, 30 years later, nothing has changed and that tradition carried with passion and that home-like hospitality still characterize the Taverna. Food is served under a pergola of two orange trees, whose flowers called Zagare when they bloom, invade the street with their exciting and unique smell.  The orange blossoms are picked in January and are the ingredients used in our “homemade Arancino”:  This can tell you a lot about the philosophy that characterizes our restaurant.  Locally grown food is not just an expression but also an authentic search to bring our grandmother’s food back to the table. The food we used to find on Sundays, and perhaps someone can still find around family tables where cherished moments were and maybe still are, epicurean pleasures made by those housewives whose secret ingredient wasa passion for cooking.  Two housewives rather than acclaimed chefs who every morning put the wild boar sauce and traditional stews on the stove as they require long and attentive cooking.  Franca Serini and her sister Stefania do not want to talk about cans or jars. On the contrary, they love to spread out their homemade pasta like tortelli, maltagliati and gnocchi.  Herbs like rosemary, sage or calamint, which characterize our dishes, are picked by grandma Lina and other grandmothers of the village during their walks in the countryside.  Our kitchen resembles the one we have at home in its sizes and features. Even if there are celebrities or famous artists, nothing is changed. The spirit and passion in each dish bring the same outstanding result that our clients love.  Believe me, I've been managing La Taverna for 10 years and every time I drive by the famous cypress tree road it feels like leaving one world behind me and entering a fascinating new one. That I don’t want to leave.  Speaking with my clients I acknowledge that everybody captures something and no one ever goes untouched. I can tell that from the well-mannered and educated behavior of each of them in front of such a compelling place thatit deserves respect.  In Bolgheri people speak in a low voice as if we would disturb someone or maybe they just do so to appreciate the poetic silence of this enchanting place.  Starting this year La Taverna will be home of Gòste Tod’à'. A new sensory experience where tasting meets the art of Stefano Tonelli, contemporary painter, acclaimed in the world and exquisite travel companion. 
 I'll see you again.
 Goffredo D’Andrea

Crostini housewives

Puntarelle Roman with lard
Colonnata and fried zonzelle

Tuscan appetizer

liver terrine tavern

The vegetarian


soup beans and cabbage

Pappardelle traditional boar

Tortello Tuscan ricotta and mushrooms with sauce pheasant

Topini potatoes in sauce toasted pine nuts to rosmarno

Maltagliati of Michelotto (recipe from 1935)


T-bone steak with his vegetables min 2 pers.

Pigeons our own, casserole

Bell beef stew in red Bolgheri
with small potato flan

Boar in the old way with polenta and cabbage

Duck breast grilled with herbs Mediterranean

Caciotta "Rose fen" passed to the grill with pine nuts and seasonal vegetables


Fennel Gratin

Potatoes sandy

Cauliflower baked

Chicory sauteed garlic and oil